yes, that is a stick. (__principessa) wrote in bettathanyours,
yes, that is a stick.

this is silly.

i figured hey, im a mod...i dont need to apply.
but im doing it anyway.
because i never did.

1. Name- zoë
2. Age- 15
3. Location- Ventura, CA
4. 6 favorite bands- sunny day real estate, interpol, transistor transistor, the liars, the cure, old time relijun
5. Something interesting and unique about you-i had open heart surgery and almost died.
6. Something rather boring about you- im really blonde underneath this black.
7. Do you think you are attractive?- i think im attractive enough to be a mod. and i am.
8. Why or why not?- do i really need to answer this question?
9. What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world? Why? ride the vespa with becca. ride in lauras car to ojai where we drive down really windy roads where it smells like flowers. oh yeah, and draw.
10. Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Pictures? (optional) hm. alex. you all know and love the boy. well, most of you anyway.
11. Did someone refer you to this community, if so, who? myself. or becca. maybe.

answer yes or no. state a reason, or dont. i dont give a fuck, as long as you're hot.
12. Drugs? no, not for me. if theyre for you, its chill.
13. Sex? not yet.
14. Abortion? when you get an abortion, its basically like exfoliating your skin....because all your really doing is killing a group of cells. its the womans choice. plus, we are overpopulated anyway.
15. Gay marraige? seriously, if tyler humer wanted to marry a totally support him. so yeah.

the end.
i love you.
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