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1. Name- Pauline
2. Age- 19
3. Location- Rochester, NY
4. 6 favorite bands- walls of jericho, i object, godspeed you black emperor, pig destroyer, the faint, bikini kill
5. Something interesting and unique about you-i was the biggest dork in highschool and everyone hated me, everyone STILL hates me but its because im not a pregnant coke head like the rest of them turned out to be. And im skinnier and prettier than them now:) haha. highschool is a joke;)
6. Something rather boring about you- i hate math?
7. Do you think you are attractive?- yes i do. infact alot.
8. Why or why not?- because i like looking at myself, and boys want me. hah
9. What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world? go to shows and play my own shows with my girl band escape velocity.
10. Boyfriend? Girlfriend? nope.
11. Did someone refer you to this community, if so, who? nah no one

answer yes or no. state a reason, or dont. i dont give a fuck, as long as you're hot.
12. Drugs? straight edge since birth.
13. Sex? yes.
14. Abortion? very pro choice.
15. Gay marraige? Um, why the fuck not? that shouldnt even be a question anymore its really sad people still think its so wrong. people should be able to marry who ever the hell they want. jesus christ..errrrrr...thats a bad topic for me haha.

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