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Um, I better get accepted.

1. Name- Lindsay
2. Age- 18 on May 7th
3. Location- Ojai, unfortunately.
4. 6 favorite bands- Hot Cross, Mates of State, Azure Ray, The Who, Moving Units, Minus the Bear
5. Something interesting and unique about you- When I was little, whenever I was in the car and we'd drive by McDonald's I would make noises and yell (because I wanted chicken nuggets and I wasn't old enough to articulate my desires), and my dad used to say, "Boy, she'll be a fun date when she's older."
6. Something rather boring about you- I'm applying for this while sitting in a PC gaming arcade.
7. Do you think you are attractive?- Usually.
8. Why or why not?- Because I don't think I'm too bad to look at most of the time.
9. What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world? Why? Play with puppies and kittens and other small, furry things. Actually, that could sound kind of dirty, but that wasn't my intention.
10. Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Pictures? Erg...nope.
11. Did someone refer you to this community, if so, who? Beccccccaaaaa with the Vespa.
12. Drugs? Not for me.
13. Sex? If you love, respect, and care about the person.
14. Abortion? It's a woman's right to choose what she does with her body.
15. Gay marraige? Of course.



Sitting in trees?

Strike. A pose.

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