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NEW--go on tear me

1. Name-Amanda Malia
2. Age-17 on June 4th..say happy birthday ..yes?
3. Location-Wilkes Barre- Pennsylvania
4. 6 favorite bands-Since by man, !!!, Mastodon, Minus the bear, The mars volta, THE JACKSON 5
5. Something interesting and unique about you- look into my eyes..and I talk like a crack head.
6. Something rather boring about you-I'm on the computer too much
7. Do you think you are attractive?-somewhat
8. Why or why not?-friends tell me i am yet my parents dont tell me i am
9. What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world? Why? Sleep on my futon...because it's comfortable and people don't bother me there.
10. Boyfriend? Girlfriend? pictures
11. Did someone refer you to this community, if so, who?one of the mods promoted in my journal
12. Drugs?YES
13. Sex?YESS
14. Abortion?YES
15. Gay marraige?YESSSS
b&w oops
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