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1. Name-
2. Age- twenty
3. Location- toronto ontario
4. 6 favorite bands- whatever makes me dance. le tigre, modest mouse, joy division, alexisonfire, the smiths, harry belafonte
5. Something interesting and unique about you- i have my own house in spain. i'll meet you there. the door will be unlocked.
6. Something rather boring about you- me? yeah right. okay well my name's pretty boring.
7. Do you think you are attractive?- if i didn't then i wouldn't apply.
8. Why or why not?- one time i was at this bar and this old chubby asian man kissed my hand... i love my life.
9. What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world? Why? eat. because i'm chubby. you like it.
10. Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Pictures? (optional) fortunately for you, no.
11. Did someone refer you to this community, if so, who? no. i like to lurk.


answer yes or no. state a reason, or dont. i dont give a fuck, as long as you're hot.
12. Drugs?
13. Sex? if it's with me.
14. Abortion? yesss hot. i don't care.
15. Gay marraige? do it.

Now post 3 pictures and please dont be ugly. Please!

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